Para Perú is a non-profit organization designed to support the extremely important task of spreading the Gospel in Perú. Para means “for” in Spanish, therefore, this ministry is focused on fulfilling the Biblical command to share God’s love for the people of Perú. We encourage you to take a look around the site and see if God would have you become involved in this ministry in some way. The harvest truly is abundant, but it is going to take a lot hard (but incredibly rewarding!) work from a multitude of people to gather it. Join me in the joyful task of taking the hope of Christ into the darkness!

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Dias Peruanas

June’s Prayer Praises & Requests: -For strong leaders to step up in Para Peru’s ministry as Lauren is on furlough in the States -For Ruth and Elar, who will be the official leadership over the next four months -For the families and marriage of Peruvians that are in constant crisis, whether it be physically, emotionally, … Continue reading Dias Peruanas

Noticias de Abril

April was a month filled with all kinds of different ministry activities. I am going to list a few highlights of the month. We had our church-wide birthday party celebrating the birthdays of January – April. It was a great time of celebration, learning about how God forms us even inside of our mother’s womb, and … Continue reading Noticias de Abril

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